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Private Music Classes resume online 7 April 2020. Group classes resume online 15 April 2020. A journey through childhood into formal music education.

Private music lessons online for children on piano and guitar. The Brainy Beetles phase of musical development for the 4-13 year old child. Formal music lessons are offered for children who have participated in Be Sharp Beetles classes on the voice, piano/keyboard, guitar, drums, recorder and vio...

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Musical development for children done by teachers who are experts in music education and who are musically trained on a variety of instruments.

Music is one of the few activities that use both sides of the brain: both the logical and creative side at the same time. By using both sides of the brain at the same time, the brain grows connections across the hemispheres. The more connections the faster children are able to think. Music Educa...

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Children are exposed to different instruments i.e. recorder, the violin. the guitar and piano from a young age. We expose children to these instruments so that they can make an informed choice about which instrument to play once they are ready on an emotional, intellectual, cognitive and physical...

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2 years ago
My daughter participated in Be Sharp Beetles from a baby and always enjoyed the positive enviroment. She has become a very creative person because of the musical influence from a young age.
- Christopher C
2 years ago
My own experience is that children and parents go home with happiness in their hearts. Classes are a lot of fun.
Be Sharp Beetles is a South African Music and Movement program focused on developing Babies to 13 year old children.  Be Sharp Beetles has been operating  for 12 years within the nursery school and studio environment. Our slogan is to "develop happy children through music".

Visit our Youtube channel for fun percussion and instrumental activities:

Our aim is to stimulate the child’s natural love for music in a fun and age-appropriate manner and to create a foundation of music that will enable the child to learn to play multiple instruments. 

The Be Sharp Beetles musical development plan covers 7 different age groups from Babies to 13 year old children. The music used in class is original and specifically composed for the Be Sharp Beetles environment.

From the age of 4 years old the child participates in activities that develop the child's confidence in using his/her  voice. The voice is the first instrument a child needs to learn to use effectively.

During the Bright Beetles phase (5-8 year old) the child is exposed to different formal instruments to determine the correct instrument for the child to start their formal music education on. The first instrument is the foundation for further musical development. The child participates in a group class as well as an individual 15 minute lesson once a week to determine the correct instrument for the child. Instruments that are covered are the recorder, xylophone, piano/keyboard, guitar, drums and violin.

At the age of 8 years old the child starts with half an hour music lessons a week on the instrument of choice. The instruments include the voice, recorder, piano/keyboard, guitar, violin and drums.

Be Sharp Beetles uses originally composed and arranged music which has been recorded for the class environment. Children are also exposed from Baby to different genres and composers which make up different elements of Music History. As children grow older, they learn the names of the composers and genres of music which influenced the music we listen to today. This year the music of Vivaldi (Classical composer) and the genre of Ragtime music (Scott Joplin) were covered. Our focus during the 3rd quarter will be the genre of Jazz.

Parental involvement is key as parents are continually sent updated information for their own development and research as to understand the musical elements and history covered in the music classes.

Components of Be Sharp Beetles:

  • Baby Beetles start with music classes from the age of 16 weeks. The Baby Beetle is developed over the first 8 years of life to be prepared for the commitment of learning to play a formal musical instrument (s). The transition to formal music education is during the Bright Beetles phase (5-8 year old children).
  • Children are exposed to different genres of music i.e. Contemporary, Classical, Opera, Rock and Roll, Jazz, Rap, Ragtime and many more genres.   
  • Children are exposed to the xylophone, recorder, a variety of drums and percussion instruments, the piano/keyboard, violin and guitar and then go onto learning to play these instruments.

The nursery school environment;

Be Sharp Beetles classes at nursery schools are presented for Babies to 6 year old children once a week by the Beetles teacher within the nursery school environment.

The classes are presented as part of the school curriculum or alternatively as an extra-mural activity.

The studio environment:

In the Be Sharp Beetles studio environment children learn about a variety of instruments from a young age. This process prepares the child and parent to make an educated choice once he/she starts formal music education. 

Classes at a studio are once a week for 45 minutes. Parents attend the classes with their children until the age of 4. Once the child reaches the age of 5 years old the child starts participating in group classes without the parents. 

During the Bright Beetles phase (5-8 year old) the instrument the child was born to play is determined and the child starts working on this instrument while continuing group classes. The Brainy Beetles (9-13 year old) child is ready for the discipline and commitment of formal music lessons working with music theory and structured music books in a half an hour lesson a week. This is a guideline as some children will start earlier or later dependant on the individual child.

For more information regarding Be Sharp Beetles classes and business opportunities email: 

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